Camera Man

Job Description
Roles and Responsibilities
You will work with our creative team and handle a variety of large projects.
You will record and create high-quality eLearning videos with minimal supervision.
You will have a clear understanding of the power of visuals and a technical know-how of videography is a must.
You will be responsible for on-set/on-location setup, including lighting, sound cameras and props, along with logistic and equipment management.
You will also complete the editing and mixing of content, with an extraordinary eye for detail.
Strictly follow the schedule to complete the assigned tasks.
Work closely with other creative team members to review and complete the course modules on time.
Making short videos for the social media channels of University.
Handling and the shortlisting of the data to achieve it properly in the database.
Create conceptual videos for the specific days and festivals.
Desired Candidate Profile
Comprehensive experience in all aspects of video production and postproduction. Ability to manage multiple video projects simultaneously.
Knowledge of modern video, sound and lighting equipment.
Extensive knowledge of live streaming of videos as well as various video formats available for the web, including selecting of appropriate resolutions, fps etc.
Expertise in post-production video editing and sound mixing.
Must have good knowledge of operating different cameras.
Basic knowledge of sound recording and editing.
Good knowledge of the angles and framing is necessary.
Must have good photography skills.

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